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Heartbroken family offer £5000 for return of 'stolen' dogs

Border terriers Ruby and Beetle were last seen at a festive hunt in Jedburgh.

By STV News

Published 19 Feb 2019.

A family from the Scottish Borders has offered a £5000 reward for the safe return of two beloved dogs believed to be snatched during a festive shoot.

Gamekeeper Edward Bell and his wife Georgie believe their border terriers Ruby, five, and Beetle, two, were taken during a hunt on Lothian Estate in Jedburgh on December 28 last year.

The dogs would often disappear only to turn up a short time later at the family home, Woodside Gamekeeper's House, however as the hours passed it became clear something had happened.

Mrs Bell, whose children have been left heartbroken, said: "It's the hardest thing we've gone through as a family.

"They were the heart of our home. The house hasn't felt the same since they've gone missing, and it's not getting easier."

Both dogs have been spayed and microchipped.

The family is now offering a financial reward in the hope it will persuade anyone with information to come forward.

Mrs Bell added: "We're hoping that if someone knows where they are, they will come forward - it may prick a conscience.

"It's been so difficult because we don't know where they are. But we just can't give up without turning over every stone.

"We're not giving up - I want my dogs back."

If you can help track down Ruby and Beetle, call 07885 712165 or 07989 513946.