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Teen's eyes 'obliterated' in Magaluf paint party blast

Dillon Connery's eyeballs may have split in two after being hit by UV paint.

By STV News

Published 20 Jul 2018.

A teenager's eyes have been "obliterated" after being blasted by a paint gun at a party in Magaluf.

Dillon Connery's eyeballs may have split in two after being hit by UV paint from a gun at the Carwash Club in Majorca.

The 18-year-old, of Paisley, had only been in the party resort for a number of hours before the freak incident on July 11.

His mum, Ashleigh Connery, of Paisley, said her son's eyes "split in a nutshell" following the ordeal.

She added that it's unlikely her son will ever have full sight again.

Speaking to STV News from Magaluf, the 42-year-old said: "It's absolutely crazy.

"When it initially happened, he had only been there for a few hours.

"He arrived on the Wednseday evening then on the Thursday morning, his friends found Dylan in a bad way and I was told about it.

"I assumed he had been attacked because the England game was on.

"The UV paint party involved a hand-made weapon which went full pelt and close range into both of Dylan's eyes which split them in a nutshell."

She added: "We were told there was no hope for his sight to be regained.

"The surgeons are hopeful that perhaps with specialists back home here they can gain partial sight again in his right eye but that's partial, he will never have full sight.

"He's obviously absolutely devastated and he was at the point of his life where he had it all - a girlfriend, holidays, good job, plans and that's not to say he can't retain that but he obviously has to concentrate on getting himself back to full health and come to terms with it."

Dillon, who is an apprentice at a security firm, was among a group of seven friends who went to Magaluf.

They all went to the bar while Dillon continued to enjoy his night before being struck by the paint.

Spanish police are now investigating the incident.

His mum said: "The surgeon couldn't understand what altercation could hit him with such impact.

"He had no marks but it was the sheer direct impact of the paint gun which caused this not an altercation with someone.

"Seven of them were together and his friends have rallied round him. They are extremely shaken.

"His friends went to the bar and Dylan was by himself for five minutes. His eyes have been shattered.

"The surgeon was very upset and had never seen anything like this before. The translator had said his eyes had been obliterated and destroyed."

Dillon is going to Gartnavel Royal Hospital for treatement on his eyes.

His mum has warned other youngsters not to go to UV paint parties after her son's ordeal.

She said: "The police said they had an incident similar to this not so long ago.

"If this has happened to my son it could happen to anyone and I want to raise awareness of this.

"If I knew of the dangers I would have banned him from going to something like this."

STV News has contacted the club for comment.