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Visa row man allowed to stay in Scotland to care for wife

American Dale McIntier faced deportation after his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

By STV News

Published 02 Feb 2018.

An American man who faced deportation despite being a full-time carer to his cancer-stricken wife has been allowed to remain in the UK.

Dale and Sandra McIntier came to stay in Scotland for six months during 2015 while they visited family and Sandra received medical treatment for a bone condition.

But while staying in Largs, Mrs McIntier, who was born in England but lives in the US, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Mr McIntier applied for a spousal visa before his visitor status ran out but was told he would have to return to the US.

However, he has now been told he will be allowed to remain in Scotland to look after his wife.

Mr McIntier said: "It's like a 100lbs weight taken off my back. I'm just totally ecstatic."

His wife added: "I couldn't believe it, I immediately went on Facebook and thanked all my friends and the people in Largs for supporting us because the people here have made a big difference.

"I'm really relieved."