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Drone put plane in danger during Glasgow Airport near miss

The plane avoided the drone by just 100ft as it departed the airport on September 8.

By STV News

Published 09 Dec 2017.

A drone operator put a passenger plane in danger during a near miss at Glasgow Airport.

The aircraft avoided the drone by just 100ft as it departed the city on September 8 this year.

The pilot said he had no time to take any action and only avoided a collision by luck.

The drone was flying towards the plane, he said, and had some kind of device attached to it.

It was the latest in a series of dangerous incidents involving drones at Scottish airports.

Aviation investigators the UK Airprox Board said the plane - a Bombadier Dash 8 capable of carrying around 70 passengers - had been put at risk.

In a report published on Friday it said: "The board considered that the pilot's estimate of separation, allied to his overall account of the incident and his inability to avoid the drone, portrayed a situation where safety had been much reduced."