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Man attempted to murder love rival in machete attack

Craig Munro was found guilty of trying to kill John McDade at a house in Stevenston.

By STV News

Published 29 Nov 2017.

A man attempted to murder a love rival by attacking him with a machete.

Craig Munro was found guilty of trying to kill John McDade at a house in Stevenston, North Ayrshire, in October last year.

He was jailed for nine years at the High Court in Glasgow on Wednesday.

Munro was cleared of a further charge of murdering Mr McDade's uncle, 52-year-old John Smith.

The jury had earlier heard Munro and Mr McDade had been sleeping with the same woman.

After a row broke out over the affairs, 31-year-old Munro turned up at Mr McDade's house armed with a machete.

Mr McDade told the court: "He hit me with the sword, I turned away and he swung it in the direction of my uncle John.

"He had swung it towards my head but it did not fully connect as I half blocked him."

It was claimed Munro also struck Mr Smith with the weapon before he left the scene.

The older man lost consciousness and later died from his injuries.

Munro, of Drumoyne, Glasgow, had denied all charges and the jury returned a not proven verdict to claims he killed Mr Smith.

Sentencing, Judge Sean Murphy QC said Munro was guilty of "a significant level of violence" that was "out of all proportion" to the argument between the two men.

Another man, Allan Robertson, had been accused of the same charges, but the allegations were thrown out during the trial.