Anti-nuclear activists have been arrested after forming a blockade at Faslane.

Five protesters lay on the road connected with arm lock tubes to block entry to the south gate of HM Naval Base on Thursday morning.

The group, from the nearby Faslane Peace Camp, said they were in place at the site from 6.30am.

Ministry of Defence Police used cutting equipment to free the protesters from the arm tubes before detaining them.

A spokesman for Naval Base Clyde said: "We can confirm that Ministry of Defence Police arrested five individuals this morning outside of HM Naval Base Clyde and charged them with breach of the peace.

"At no time did the individuals gain entry to the site and the safety and security of the naval base and our vessels was not compromised.

"The naval base has well-established procedures in place for such eventualities and our core business of supporting the Royal Navy fleet was not affected by this incident."

In a statement issued in relation to the incident, Faslane Peace Camp said traffic had been directed from the south gate to the base's north gate as a result of the blockade, with traffic tailing back around two miles to Shandon in Argyll.

The peace camp activists said their aim was to work for "a nuclear-free world instead of developing new nuclear technology".