Six rogue landlords in Glasgow have been barred from the register over a catalogue issues.

The men, who owned flats in Govanhill, were found unfit to rent out property by officials at a meeting of Glasgow City Council's licensing and regulatory committee.

All six men now face criminal prosecution and fines of up to £50,000 if they attempt to let their property.

Five of the landlords failed to provide a range of certification that includes an enhanced criminal record check, buildings insurances, energy performance, gas safety and confirmation that tenants received tenant information packs.

There were also concerns relating to the condition of the properties following inspections carried out by council officers.

Hamid Akram, Tauheed Hussain, Mohammed Adnan Hussain, Shakeel Shahid and Simon Tsang own seven properties in Westmoreland Street.

The sixth landlord, Johar Mirza, was barred from the register following his conviction for assault with intent to rape and for letting properties that failed to meet the tolerable housing standard.

Mirza owns properties in Allison Street, Boyd Street and Jamieson Street as well as another on Bath Street in the city centre.

The decisions to bar them followed submissions to committee by the council's Private Landlord Registration Unit, which has the responsibility for maintaining the landlord register.

Glasgow City Council leader Frank McAveety said: "Members of the Private Landlord Registration team deserve great credit for bringing these cases forward.

"The diligence of the landlord registration team has led directly to six failing Govanhill landlords being stopped in their tracks.

"There have been too many landlords in Govanhill who have refused to take their responsibilities seriously and have brought the area down."

He added: "Thanks to the powers the council secured through the creation of the enhanced enforcement area, we are making serious inroads against those landlords who have undermined the Govanhill community.

"Let's be clear: the enhanced enforcement area allows the council to demand high standards of those who rent out property within the four blocks.

"Where landlords fail to meet the high standards of the enforcement area they will be brought to book.

"When this new enforcement approach is added to the impact of multi-million-pound acquisition programme within the four blocks area, I am fully confident in the long-term prospects for Govanhill."