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£15,000 for The Glasgow Effect? We did it with £15 in one day

As Ellie Harrison receives arts funding, we send Douglas Barrie on a budget tour of the city.

By STV News

Published 06 Jan 2016.

The Glasgow Effect has caused much controversy since artist Ellie Harrison announced she was receiving £15,000 for the art project.

She plans to stay in the city for a year before studying the effect on her mental health, social life and career with the project sharing a name with the term given to the city's poor health and low life expectancy.

Creative Scotland has given the artist £15,000 of funding with some people calling for that to be revoked.

In a bid to find out what you could do with £15,000, we gave STV online journalist Douglas Barrie £15 to see if he could experience the city on a fraction of the budget.

I'll add the change to tomorrow's budget. For more reading on The Glasgow Effect project, read below.