Almost a fifth of the Syrian refugees who have come to the UK as part of a special programme have settled in Scotland, according to figures revealed by the SNP.

In 2015, the UK Government committed to taking in 20,000 Syrians driven from the war-torn country by 2020 through the Syrian vulnerable person resettlement programme.

Data obtained by the party from the Scottish Parliament's Information Centre (SPICe) shows that since 2015, 13,818 refugees have arrived in the UK.

Of those, 2,562, or 18.5%, have settled in Scotland.

The SNP said the UK Government can and should be doing more to help vulnerable refugees and unaccompanied children.

SNP MSP Ruth Maguire said: "I'm extremely proud that Scotland has risen to its global responsibilities by offering a secure home to refugee families fleeing persecution and conflict.

"They have been welcomed by communities across our country, bringing with them diverse skills and interests and enriching our society.

"The UK Government meanwhile has sadly neglected its moral obligations, turning a blind eye to a humanitarian crisis.

"Doing as little as they possibly can to help those in need, the Tories are forcing many of those fleeing war, persecution and terror to take dangerous and illegal routes in the search for safety.

"There is no doubt that the UK can and should do more."

The UK Government has been contacted for comment.