A Glasgow MP has been forced to shut down his Facebook page after Tommy Robinson attempted to confront him at a library.

Police were called to stand outside Pollokshaws Library on Friday as the far-right activist filmed himself trying to gain access to the SNP's Stewart McDonald.

Mr Robinson, who was jailed for contempt of court in 2018, said he wanted to question Mr McDonald over "lies" he had told about him in the House of Commons.

Last year Mr McDonald raised a point of order condemning Mr Robinson as a "violent, racist thug and fraudster" after he was spotted having lunch at Westminster.

In response, Mr Robinson - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - streamed a live video from outside the MP's surgery at the library and posted on Facebook: "For too long the media and the establishment have told lies, they have smeared and slandered my name.

"Glasgow South MP Stewart McDonald stood and abused his parliamentary privilege.

"He stated it is a fact that Tommy Robinson is guilty of inciting racial tensions.

"I have never been arrested, let alone convicted for any hate speech, incitement or racial charges.

"So for a respected member of parliament to lie so blatantly, which was then picked up by the media and spread across the world is beyond words.

"I'm fed up of these lies being spread about me so I decided to speak to him in an open meeting that he invites members of the public to ask him questions.

"Mr McDonald called the police and hid from me rather than asking questions. I was thankful for the many members of his constituency that showed us support."

Following the English Defence League co-founder's statement, the MP had to close his own Facebook page due to "grotesque and hate-filled messages".

Posting on Twitter on Saturday, Mr McDonald said: "Following events in my constituency yesterday the comments on my Facebook page have been hijacked with hundreds of grotesque and hate-filled messages.

"As such I have temporarily unpublished my MP Facebook page.

"Constituents can check my website for parliamentary news updates."