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SNP MSP wants change in law to stamp out 'puppy farms'

Christine Grahame wants all breeders to either have a license or be registered.

By STV News

Published 04 May 2018.

An SNP MSP has launched a bid to clampdown on so-called 'puppy farms'.

Christine Grahame wants a new law which will make it a requirement for anyone who breeds and sells dogs to either have a license or be registered with authorities.

A public consultation on the plans has been launched by the MSP after it won the support of several animal charities.

She said: "My proposed bill seeks to better regulate dog breeding but, most importantly, for the first time it would also place new obligations on owners as well as breeders to ensure a more responsible and informed approach to owning a puppy or dog, to reduce the distress to both animals and indeed owners, some of whom may find they have been duped with all the heartache which follows.

"I also hope that, through placing responsibilities on those acquiring a puppy or dog, it can help tackle the horrors and misery of so-called 'puppy farms' and the inappropriateness of online sales."

She added: "Too many dogs end up with chronic health conditions from irresponsible breeding or in rehoming centres having gone to a home that was wholly unsuitable in the first place."

Grahame launched the consultation at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, where director of operations Lindsay Fyffe-Jardine warned: "There is a growing problem of irresponsible breeding activities in Scotland.

"While we understand that many people have the best intentions when they go to buy a dog, it's important that we better safeguard the public, and our animals, from these illicit practices."

Holly Conway, public affairs manager at The Kennel Club, said: "We are delighted that Christine Grahame is highlighting the importance of dog owners sourcing their puppies and dogs responsibly."