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Sturgeon: Davidson has 'obsession' about independence

First Minister criticised Scottish Tory leader's approach to council elections.

By STV News

Published 03 May 2017.

The First Minister has accused the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson of having "a constitutional obsession" with independence.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon made the accusation in Holyrood during the weekly session of First Minister's Questions, held a day early so it did not clash with Thursday's council elections.

Sturgeon waved a Scottish Conservative leaflet she received in the post after Davidson questioned her government's performance in education and other areas over the last decade.

The First Minister said: "This leaflet mentions me or the SNP or independence a grand total of 43 times.

"It mentions Ruth Davidson or the Tories just nine times - one of those is her signature. It mentions her policies on education zero times.

"In this election, they haven't put forward a single policy on our schools, on social care, on roads, on transport, on anything. They have a constitutional obsession."

Davidson labelled Sturgeon and the SNP's performance in government as "ten years of failure".

The Prime Minister has called on Scots to back the Conservatives in the council elections to send "a clear message to the SNP that they do not want a second independence referendum".