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Sex offender keeps taxpayer-funded job with Scots Ukip MEP

Arthur 'Misty' Thackeray remains in his post as an assistant to David Coburn.

By STV News

Published 14 Feb 2017.

An aide to Ukip MEP David Coburn is still employed in his taxpayer-funded job despite being convicted of sexual offences, STV News has learned.

Arthur 'Misty' Thackeray was placed on the sex offenders register on Monday after being convicted of ten sexual offences between October 2007 and December 2015.

Mr Thackeray made a string of vulgar phone calls to women from his home, Ukip's Edinburgh offices and elsewhere.

Despite the conviction, Mr Thackeray remains in post as an assistant to Coburn.

A Ukip spokesman said: "The process is ongoing at this stage. All legal requirements must be adhered to with regards to Mr Thackeray's employment."

The spokesman pointed to European employment protections as one of the reasons the sex offender remains in his job.

This was contradicted by the European Parliament when contacted by STV News.

A spokesman for the parliament said: "I can confirm that Mr Coburn has informed the European parliamentary services about the matter and the services will be following developments.

"It is worth noting that, in the case of local assistants, as is the case here, the European Parliament is not a party to the employment contract."

The age of Mr Thackery's victims ranged from 25 to 66 years old when the offences took place.

Some of the women fell victim to him after posting their phone numbers advertising slimming classes.

Mr Thackeray resigned from his position as Ukip's Scottish chairman in January 2016 after first appearing in court in relation to the case.

On Monday, he was handed a community payback order with the conditions he will be supervised for three years, will carry out 270 hours of unpaid work within nine months and will be on the sex offenders register for three years.