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Scotland backs Remain in EU vote in every council area

Six in ten Scots have voted to stay in the EU but the UK is predicted to vote for Brexit.

By STV News

Published 24 Jun 2016.

Scotland has voted resoundingly to stay in the EU, with a final result of 62% for Remain and 38% for Leave.

All 32 council areas in Scotland declared victories for Remain.

But in the UK, ITV have predicted a win for the Leave campaign, which is around 800,000 votes ahead of Remain, although counting is still ongoing.

The final turnout in Scotland was 67.2%, with the highest Remain votes declared in East Renfrewshire and Edinburgh, at 74% each.

The tightest Scottish contest was Moray, which saw Leave lose by only 119 votes, on 49.9%.

Stirling, Perth & Kinross, Aberdeen, and Dundee all saw Remain votes of 60% or higher.

In Glasgow, Scotland's most populous city, two-thirds of voters backed the Remain side - but on a turnout of only 56%.

With the UK result so close, Remain campaigners were hoping cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool with large pro-Remain majorities would tip the balance in their favour.

However, the Leave campaign has won significant victories in Birmingham, northern England, Yorkshire and Wales, and are maintaining a slim national lead.

The final national result is to be announced by the chief counting officer in Manchester later on Friday morning.

It is expected the winning campaign will have a vote total in excess of 16.5 million by the time the final result has been declared.