A re-elected SNP government would work to 'break down barriers' for women, the First Minister has said.

Nicola Sturgeon was in Glasgow on Saturday to outline her party's plans to ensure equal pay and opportunities for women.

Speaking ahead of a day of campaigning in the southside of Glasgow, Sturgeon said she wanted every girl to think that "if they work hard they will have the same opportunities as anybody else".

The party's women's manifesto included pledges to:

The First Minister said: "Women are increasingly visible in public life - but we want to break down barriers even further and ensure that women have equal opportunities and receive equal pay for their work.

"We'll take action to increase women's representation, to support female entrepreneurs and put pressure on any local authorities that are yet to settle outstanding equal pay claims.

Sturgeon added: "I want to continue the incredible progress made by previous generations - and I hope that the next generation of women grow up in a world where the fight for equality has been won."

The Conservatives have also pledged to expand childcare.

However, the party said in their manifesto that more childcare hours should be extended to disadvantaged 1 and 2 year olds.

It also pledged to make the childcare system "much more flexible and responsive to parental demand".

The Scottish Greens will unveil their own women's manifesto on Thursday.

The party have promised to introduce specific legislation to "drive progress against all forms of gender inequality".

The Greens' spokesperson for health and well-being Alison Johnstone highlighted her own involvement in co-founding the Scottish Parliament's Women 50:50 campaign, along with Labour's Kezia Dugdale.

She added: "Scottish Greens recognise that women are disproportionately represented among unpaid carers and our manifesto pledge to campaign for an increase the Carers' allowance by 50% will have a particularly significant impact on women with caring responsibilities."

Johnstone also pointed out gender imbalance in the media.

She said: "One insidious barrier to women's attainment is the representation of women in the media. In 2013, 95% of the editors of newspapers and 100% of political editors of newspapers were men.

"Our Scottish Greens MSPs will push for the creation of Scottish 'Women in Media' watchdog to monitor and challenge the under-representation, gender stereotyping and sexualisation of women and girls."

The Scottish Liberal Democrats would take major action to increase conviction rates for sexual offences.

The Lib Dem manifesto also promised to decriminalise sex work and reform the Gender Recognition Act to better recognise the gender identities of trans and non-binary people.

Among other key pledges were the expansion of childcare provision to all two year olds and the retention of existing abortion legislation.

Scottish Labour have been approached for comment.