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Everything you need to know about the Scottish Tory manifesto

100,000 new homes, a graduate contribution and a new pro-Union campaign.

By STV News

Published 13 Apr 2016.

The Scottish Conservative manifesto is a pitch for the party to become Scotland's main opposition.

In the opening pages their leader Ruth Davidson concedes that "it is clear that the SNP are on course to win the Scottish election".

The manifesto contains a ten point programme for opposition which spans many policy areas.

The Scottish Conservatives are committed to ensuring Scotland is not the highest taxed area in the UK.

The party wants to protect NHS funding and invest more in mental health.

The manifesto argues for greater autonomy for schools and more competitive universities.

The Scottish Conservatives favour making childcare more flexible and scrapping the Named Person scheme.

The party believe that 100,000 homes should be built over the next five years.

A new pro-Union campaign which sets out a positive vision for Scotland remaining part of the UK.