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Scottish Conservatives to launch manifesto in Glasgow

The party has pledged a £1bn investment to ensure 'every Scottish home is warm'.

By STV News

Published 13 Apr 2016.

The Scottish Conservatives are due to launch their manifesto on Wednesday, pledging a £1bn investment to ensure "every Scottish home is warm."

The party says that over the course of the next parliament the funds should be dedicated towards improving efficiency in Scotland's homes.

Ahead of the launch in Glasgow, party leader Ruth Davidson said a new target should be set for every home to have an energy efficiency rating of "C" or higher by the end of the decade.

Ms Davidson said: "Today's manifesto is packed with fresh ideas that we believe can make a positive contribution to our country.

"We believe that making every home a warm home should be one of the Scottish Government's key priorities for infrastructure over the next five years.

"A real focus on this would cut fuel poverty, increase jobs, and would do so much to help us meet our carbon reduction obligations.

"It's an example of the kind of positive contribution we want to make to Scotland over the next five years."

She continued: "We will say No to another referendum on independence, and we will counter the SNP on their plans to break up Britain.

"That way, as a party of opposition, we will seek to focus the government on the things that matter, on schools, on hospitals and on housing."