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UKIP to stand 26 candidates at Holyrood election

David Coburn, the party's lead candidate, will contest the Highlands and Islands region.

By STV News

Published 01 Apr 2016.

UKIP will field 26 candidates at the Holyrood election in May, the party has announced.

The anti-EU party will not have any candidates in local constituencies but instead will fight the election solely on the regional list across all eight areas.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: "I am delighted with the strength, breadth and depth of our list for the Holyrood elections.

"I am certain that this team, led by David Coburn will break into Holyrood and provide a voice of serious opposition to the stale political consensus in Edinburgh.

"An over-powerful executive needs real opposition, and UKIP in Scotland will provide that."

The party's main candidate David Coburn has been placed top of UKIP's list in the Highlands and Islands region.

David Coburn said: "We are ready, and raring to go.

"UKIP will be contesting this election with a belief that our message of proper independence, fiscal responsibility and driving power away from the politicians into the hands of the people who matter, ordinary men and women across Scotland will resonate with the voter.

"Nobody else is prepared to speak for those left behind, nobody is prepared to point out that a strong Scotland in a strong free United Kingdom is the best way to secure the interests of Scotland and her people.

"Our list turns the propaganda against us into dust.

"It proves that UKIP values everyone, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, disability or social status.

"If you fight for Scotland, you fight for UKIP."

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