Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to ensure that the campaign to keep Scotland and the UK in the European Union will be "progressive and upbeat".

The First Minister will spearhead the SNP In Europe campaign, which will advocate a vote to remain in the EU ahead of the referendum on June 23.

Europe Minister Humza Yousaf has been appointed campaign director, while Stephen Gethins MP, currently the SNP's Europe spokesperson at Westminster, will serve as deputy director.

The announcement of the SNP In Europe campaign comes ahead of the First Minister's speech in London on Monday, where she will set out her case for EU membership.

Ms Sturgeon said: "Over the coming weeks and months, I and the SNP will be leading a positive, progressive and upbeat campaign in Scotland to stay in Europe - and while polls show that people in Scotland are in favour of continuing our membership there is no room for complacency."

She continued: "EU membership brings real benefits to people in Scotland. Our membership supports jobs, investment, exports, collective security and so many of the social and employment protections we often take for granted.

"While I believe that the best option for Scotland would be to become one of the independent member states of the EU, I believe that in all circumstances we are better off in."

The First Minister has already been outspoken on the subject, previously calling for the EU referendum to be subject to a "double majority", where all constituent parts of the UK would have to consent to an exit rather than simply a majority across the union.

Further to this, with the majority of polls suggesting Scotland is more likely to vote to remain than the rest of the UK, it has been widely speculated that an Out vote would constitute a 'trigger' for a second independence referendum.

Speaking of the forthcoming campaign, Mr Yousaf said: "We know that the EU is by no means a perfect institution - but it allows its members to work together to more effectively tackle major issues which don't respect national boundaries.

"From the refugee crisis to climate change, there are serious issues facing our continent which need a co-ordinated, Europe-wide approach, and we want Scotland and the UK to play our part in that, rather than standing on the sidelines."

He continued: "Over the coming weeks, as well as key politicians in the SNP making the case for membership of the EU, we will be reaching out to members of Scotland's business community, our rural economy and civic Scotland to build support for continued membership of the EU.

"It's also vitally important that those campaigning to retain our place in Europe learn lessons from the independence referendum. The 'In' campaign must ensure that it does not allow itself to lapse into the scaremongering and fear agenda we saw from the No campaign in Scotland.

"There is a strong, positive, progressive case for staying in Europe and the SNP will make it loudly and clearly in the weeks to come, and everyone who wants to see the UK vote to remain in the EU should commit to doing the same."