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Labour MSP faces disciplinary action for calling Sturgeon a 'liar'

Ex-Scottish Labour leadership contender Neil Findlay accused of using 'unparliamentary language'.

By STV News

Published 11 Feb 2016.

A Labour MSP faces disciplinary action after he allegedly called Nicola Sturgeon a "liar" during First Minister's Questions.

Lothians member Neil Findlay was named as the MSP who used "unparliamentary language" during a heated First Minister's Questions on Thursday.

The Scottish Parliament's official report into the session said Mr Findlay was the MSP who shouted "liar" after the Ms Sturgeon said Labour's income tax policy would raise the basic rate of income tax for every worker earning £11,000 and above.

Presiding officer Tricia Marwick had previously asked MSPs to "stop heckling the First Minister" as she answered questions from Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale.

Other MSPs shouted "withdraw" after the interruption was made.

The First Minister then said: "We know how desperate the Labour Party is by the volume of the insults that Labour members like to sling across the chamber."

The presiding officer later said she did not hear the remark but would review the official report into First Minister's questions and "take action" in the afternoon. She said "a word was used that is clearly unparliamentary."

In the report, Ms Sturgeon is quoted as saying: "Let us turn to Labour’s policy of raising the basic rate of income tax for every worker in our country earning £11,000 and above."

The next entry has Mr Findlay saying "Liar" as an interruption.