Two teenage girls rescued a man and young boy at an Aberdeenshire beach after they got into difficulty in the water.

Isla Noble, 15, and sister Eilidh, 14, were at Fraserburgh beach on Monday afternoon with their family when they spotted a man with a young boy on his shoulders calling for help.

Isla rushed towards the pair with a lilo to help them while her sister Eilidh phoned the coastguard for help.

"I didn't really think about it really, I just had to get out. I didn't really stop and think about it," Isla said.

"The adrenaline just kind of kicked in. I heard them starting to shout 'help', you could see them in the water and I just thought 'get out'.

"I got the wee boy on the lilo and then the man was hanging onto the lilo with his head out of the water and then I could only use one arm to hold onto the wee boy.

"I can't quite believe it, I'm just glad that I could help."

A man rushed to Isla's aid and helped bring the man and child ashore, then assisted Eilidh in placing the man into the recovery position and covering him with a towel as he was shivering.

A passing nurse took the man's vital signs and relayed them to the coastguard as they rushed to the scene.

"It was quite scary because he was unconscious and there was foam coming out of his mouth and his fingers and feet were blue," explained Eilidh.

The teenagers' parents Lisa and Frankie Noble, who had gone for a run and a bike ride, were called back to the beach after their daughter phoned them to tell them what had happened.

"They dealt with it very calmly for two teenage girls completely on their own," Lisa said.

"The one time I left them and for them to have to deal with something like that on their own.

"The nurse that was there said If he had been in the water a minute longer, he would have died."

A lifeboat from RNLI Fraserburgh was launched and police, ambulance and coastguard attended the scene.

The coastguard said they were alerted to the incident at around 5.15pm where a man had swallowed a lot of water and the decision was made to take him to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary via air ambulance.

The young boy was looked over by ambulance crews but was unharmed.

Lisa said that just before the man was taken to the helicopter, he regained consciousness and asked the girls to come over so he could thank them.

Lisa added: "They really have saved two people's lives. It's some achievement."