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World's most powerful wind turbine built off Trump course

The US President fought a series of legal battles against the Aberdeenshire wind farm.

By STV News

Published 10 Apr 2018.

The world's most powerful offshore wind turbine has been built off the coast of Scotland.

The 630ft-high turbine, which is taller than three Scott Monuments, is one of 11 under construction in Aberdeen Bay.

They are being built a short distance from a golf course owned by US President Donald Trump, who fought a series of failed legal battles against them.

He claims the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) will spoil the view from his course.

Scottish Renewables and WWF Scotland have welcomed the milestone as a significant boost for clean energy in Scotland.

The 250ft-tall "suction bucket" anchors which secure the turbines to the seabed are being installed by Asian Hercules III, one of the world's largest floating cranes. Each anchor weighs more than 1800 tonnes.

Gunnar Gorebler, head of wind at EOWDC developer Vattenfall, said: "The turbines help secure our vision to be fossil fuel free within one generation.

"The EOWDC leads the industry drive towards generating clean and competitive wind energy power - one that will reinforce Scotland's global energy status."

Two of the turbines - including the one erected on Monday - have been boosted from 8.4MW to 8.8MW, making them the most powerful ever built.

When it is complete later this year, the EOWDC will be capable of producing more than 93MW of renewable energy - around 70% of Aberdeen's electricity demand.