An 18-year-old student killed herself less than half an hour after being visited by her abusive boyfriend, her parents have revealed.

Emily Drouet was a law student at Aberdeen University and began a relationship with 20-year-old Angus Milligan.

He began to abuse the teenager before she was eventually found dead at her halls of residence in March last year.

Milligan admitted in court last month to choking and slapping Emily, as well as assault and threatening behaviour. He will be sentenced next month.

Emily's parents Germain and Fiona have spoken out about how their daughter was targeted in a campaign of abuse.

They also revealed the harrowing realisation that she took her life 25 minutes after being visited by Milligan on March 18, 2016.

Mrs Drouet told STV News: "I went to phone her but I actually put it down and said out loud: 'Give her piece Fiona.' And at that moment he came into the room.

"Forever, I'll think... if I just kept the phone in my hand, she might still be here. I should've let the phone ring."

She added: "Everything was so close. But he went in that night and left, the next thing anybody knew she'd ran out to someone for help.

"They tried to calm her down and she went back to her room on her own. Her friend arrived 15 minutes later and there was no answer so it was very quick.

"It was about 25 minutes after [Milligan] had left that we lost Emily."

Emily's behaviour became erratic the week before her death after another incident with Milligan with a friend telling Germain and Fiona she had torn down her wall planner and broken a light in her room.

When questioned about why her parents were not contacted about any concerns, Aberdeen University vice-principal Margaret Ross told STV News she was satisfied Emily received appropriate support.

Ms Ross said: "She was in touch with student support through the resident's assistance in the hall where she lived and she was in touch with the law school, producing information to explain her absences from classes.

"But we're looking at the kind of training we give and trying to learn from this very tragic situation."

Emily's parents now plan to visit universities to warn other students of the many dangers they can face.