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Doric could be good fit for pupils in Aberdeenshire

Council to consider offering school classes in the north east Scots dialect.

By STV News

Published 16 Feb 2017.

Doric could be promoted in Aberdeenshire schools as part of proposals to support the north east Scots dialect.

A report published this week for the local authority's education committee urges councillors to support a plan to promote Doric language and culture in both primary and secondary schools.

This could include offering classes in Doric and forging links with local historical associations to help pupils better understand the culture of the north east.

The report states: "Doric is an important feature of communities in the north east as a day-to-day spoken language and in the cultural heritage, literature, poetry and song.

"Doric is heard daily in work and learning environments across the north east. Doric is the language that many pupils bring to their learning setting."

According to the 2011 census, 49% of people living in Aberdeen identified themselves as Scots speakers - well above the national average of 30%.

The Scottish Government has pledged to raise the profile of the Scots language as an "essential element of the culture and heritage of Scotland".