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Redundant North Sea workers encouraged to seek nuclear jobs

A new website will direct oil workers to position on large-scale projects in England.

By STV News

Published 07 Jul 2016.

Redundant North Sea oil workers have been encouraged to seek employment in building new nuclear power stations in England.

A new website will direct offshore workers to jobs in large-scale energy and infrastructure projects such as nuclear new-builds, renewable energy projects and oil platform decommissioning.

The existing Talent Retention Solution scheme, used by more than 1000 companies, will be supplemented by an additional website specifically for oil and gas workers.

Last month, Oil and Gas UK estimated the downturn in the North Sea industry would cost 120,000 jobs in the UK by the end of 2016.

UK business minister Anna Soubry said: "The future success of our economy depends on having the people with the right skills in the right jobs, and that's why it's vital we retain the talents of our highly-skilled workers currently in the oil and gas industry.

"There is already considerable demand for these skills, whether it's for nuclear new-build, the fast-growing renewable energy sector or the nascent decommissioning industry."

The nuclear industry plans to deliver around 16 gigawatts of nuclear power with new plants at Hinkley Point in Suffolk, Wylfa on Anglesey and Moorside in Cumbria.

The Scottish Government has banned the creation of new nuclear power stations in Scotland "due to their excessive cost".

Scottish secretary David Mundell said: "Engineers and skilled workers in Scotland's oil and gas sector are world class and many industries could benefit from their expertise and experience, from major infrastructure projects to new and innovative energy solutions.

"While the sector has been tested over recent years, time and time again it has shown a capacity to rise to the challenges confronting it, and that is due to the resilience and skill of the people working within it."