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Shetlanders celebrate the end of Yule at Up Helly Aa fire festival

Thousands braved the cold to watch the parade of 1000 Vikings and burning of a longship.

By STV News

Published 26 Jan 2016.

Thousands of people braved the cold to watch Shetland's world famous Up Helly Aa fire festival.

The annual event celebrates the end of Yule and culminates in the burning of a mock Viking longship in Lerwick.

A 1000-strong parade of torch-bearers was led by a jarl squad in full Viking armour on Tuesday, headed up by guizer jarl Mark Evans.

The group visited the British Legion, Bressay Ferry Terminal and the Shetland Museum before the burning at Hillhead.

Before the main event, children took part in a junior Viking parade complete with their own jarl squad and longship.

Up Helly Aa celebrations are held across the islands in places including Scalloway, Northmavine, Norwick, Bressay and Cullivoe.