A seven-year-old boy couldn't believe his eyes when the metal detector he got for Christmas uncovered historical explosives on a beach in the Highlands.

Patrick McAlindon dug up the old grenades when he was out testing his new kit with mum Ana-Marija, during a break in Aviemore.

The discovery was made at Loch Morlich - a former training ground for Norwegian troops during the Second World War - on Christmas day.

The family cornered the area and immediately called the police, with bomb disposal experts confirming these particular findings posed no danger.

Mrs McAlindon said: "That was the only thing he asked for from Santa, so he got a good quality metal detector.

"He opened it on Christmas and we went out straight away to Loch Morlich beach. Within the first 15 minutes, we found some bottle caps but then we got a really good reading and we dug it up and we saw the sign and broken glass bottles.

"Because it said bombs we were a bit scared so we called the police and they came up with the flashing blue lights.

"We checked online and Norwegians used to train at Loch Morlich during the Second World War.

"The bomb disposal team got sent some pictures and they said it was safe.

"After the police left we kept digging and found another sign. We came back the next day and found another one. We found a total of three signs. Patrick was so excited."

The McAlindons, who live in Kilmacolm, have spent the Christmas break in the Highlands but Patrick can't wait to go back to school to tell his friends about the unlikely unearthing.

"He loves history," Mrs McAlindon said. "And I think he's now hooked on metal detecting for life.

"It was a beautiful day and we started detecting and boom 15 minutes into it we found that, it was unbelievable.

"Patrick is seven but it's like he's 17. He's very clever and loves school, he can't wait to go back and tell his pals."