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Sleet and snow hits Scotland as temperatures plunge

The thermometer could fall as low as -6C in parts of the Highlands overnight.

By STV News

Published 24 Apr 2017.

Parts of the country have been hit by heavy sleet and snow showers on Monday amid sub-zero temperatures.

The far north of Scotland is the most affected, with temperatures in some areas of the Highlands possibly falling as low as -6C in the early hours of Tuesday.

While likely to thaw quickly, snow showers accompanied by a strong and gusty wind over the course of Monday could create blizzard-like conditions at higher levels.

Overnight into Tuesday, some areas could be hit by 2cm to 5cm of snow, while wintry showers will remain frequent and heavy in the Highlands throughout the day.

They will ease in the evening, with the air turning milder from the north west on Wednesday.

STV weather presenter Sean Batty said: "You might have woken up this morning and thought you'd been transported back to February, especially for those of you in the far north of the country where temperatures will be around 6C lower than on Sunday.

"In central and southern Scotland there won't be as many wintry showers, although there will be a spell with frequent showers of rain, sleet and some snow across eastern areas on Monday afternoon and during the first half of Tuesday.

"Road users will need to be careful of icy patches in the coming days and reduced visibility in passing heavy snow showers. Gardeners and farmers will need to be aware of the potential for some frosty nights."

He added: "At this stage it looks likely that temperatures will return to average by the holiday weekend with mainly south to south westerly winds. Temperatures could reach 13C in Inverness on Sunday.

"While this weather will come as a bit of a shock to many, it's not that unusual for this time of year. We would still expect a few days with sleet and snow in May across the far north of the country.

"Growers will also be aware that frost is still quite common well into May. As the old adage goes 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out'."