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Nessie's bid for UK residency after Brexit rejected

Glasgow artists filled out an application on the mysterious monster's behalf.

By STV News

Published 10 Apr 2017.

The Home Office has rejected a bid to grant the Loch Ness Monster permanent UK residency.

A Glasgow arts collective filled out an application on its behalf after becoming concerned the beast might "leave the UK to settle in a new lake within the EU" post-Brexit.

The Doing Group paid the £65 processing fee and even attached a passport-style picture of Nessie.

The Home Office rejected the application, however, and offered the artists a refund.

Hannah Kendaru, 23, said: "We filed the application in good faith. However, the process was a difficult one.

"Nessie has a reputation for being elusive - signatures, passport photos and other information were very difficult to obtain.

"Nessie has lived in Scotland for a long time. Yet her origin is unknown. Due to the worries that Brexit has caused, it was only natural to apply for a residency permit."

The arts group has asked the public to suggest an alternative home for the beast.