Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams have been spotted filming a Netflix comedy in Edinburgh.

The pair were spotted smiling as they hung out of a car sunroof as they were driven from the Grassmarket up Victoria Street to George IV Bridge on Wednesday.

The stars are filming comedy spoof Eurovision and play Icelandic singers given the opportunity to perform at the famous song contest in 1972.

Anchorman star Ferrell, 52, was seen sporting long flowing locks and a striped leather jacket over a snazzy top, with a big grin on his face.

Mean Girls actress McAdams, 40, donned a striped cardigan while she and Ferrell were chauffeured through the capital.

An onlooker who watched the actors drive past The Bow Bar said they were filming in the area for around 90 minutes.

She said: "It was amazing to see such big stars up close in Edinburgh. My colleagues were stunned to see Will and Rachel driving past in an open-top car.

"We didn't speak to them, but the crew around were lovely and accommodating, and working hard to keep the public away.

"It's a shame they were so busy - we'd have invited them to the pub for a drink after.

"Personally I'm glad the filming industry is giving Scotland the chance to shine like this. It's really putting us in the spotlight."

Ferrell and McAdams play two Icelandic singers who are given the chance to appear in the famous singing competition.

Playing characters Lars Erickssong (Ferrell) and Sigrit Ericksdottir (McAdams), they were also seen filming on Calton Hill earlier this week.

The film will also star Pierce Brosnan, Dan Stevens, and Demi Lovato.