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David Tennant on new film, Doctor Who and coming home

The Scots actor attended the premiere of You, Me and Him at the Glasgow Film Festival.

By STV News

Published 26 Feb 2018.

He has played a time-travelling alien genius, a hard-bitten murder detective and a mind-controlling villain in New York, among a host of big and small screen roles over the years.

Now Scots star David Tennant has returned to his old stomping-ground of Glasgow for the European premiere of his latest film, You, Me and Him.

Premiering at the Glasgow Film Festival on Sunday, February 25, the comedy's cast includes Faye Marsay and Lucy Punch and is directed by Daisy Aitkens.

You, Me and Him is also co-produced by Tennant's wife, Georgia Moffet.

STV News spoke to the 46-year-old actor about his role in the film as a man going through a "mid-life crisis/second adolescence" and its broader themes of parenthood and modernity.

"This is the story of a couple, two women, Olivia (Lucy Punch) and Alex (Faye Marsay)," Tennant explained

"Olivia's a little bit older than Alex and she's ready to start a family. Alex doesn't want any of that: she sees herself as a sort of young party girl. But Olivia goes ahead and starts the process anyway.

"Alex flies off in a huff, gets very drunk and ends up rather unadvisedly sleeping with the next-door neighbour, which is when I come in. You then have this couple, both of whom are pregnant at the same time.

"When I discover this as the slightly mid-life crisis/second adolescence man living next door, I am desperate to get involved and desperate to be part of this unconventional family unit."

He said the film is about "how different families can be in these modern times" and added that despite parenthood being such a huge part of people's lives, it is not explored that often on screen.

It is also "very funny", the father-of-four added.

Tennant learned his trade at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) based in Glasgow, so he sees the city as his "hometown".

He has an emotional attachment to the Glasgow Film Theatre itself, he added, due to spending so much time watching films in it when he was younger.

"So to be there with a film that I'm in and to be showing it to people for the first time, I couldn't really ask for a better place to premiere something," he told STV.

For the programme that arguably made Tennant a household name, Doctor Who, the big news last year was that a woman would take on the iconic role for the first time.

Jodie Whittaker made her first appearance as The Doctor in the show's 2017 Christmas special and send-off for predecessor Peter Capaldi.

Tennant, who co-starred with Whittaker in hit show Broadchurch, said he was "delighted" to hear she was taking the job and is looking forward to seeing more of her.

He said: "I suppose I was wondering, because Chris Chibnall used to write Broadchurch and Jodie Whittaker was on Broadchurch, so I was sort of beginning to put two and two together a little bit before I found out the news.

"But then Chris called me up and said: 'The new Doctor would like to chat, is that OK? I've given her your number.' I said, 'all right,' and the next phone call I get, Jodie's name comes up.

"It was wonderful because she's so right for it and she's so ready for it.

"I think what the world will discover is just how funny and anarchic and crazy Jodie can be and that I'm sure she will channel into this part with great aplomb - it's going to be fantastic."

And what about Broadchurch itself? Will a fourth series of the gritty crime drama grace our screens any time soon?

"It won't come back in the near future because people are busy. Jodie's very busy, so is Chris Chibnall," explained Tennant.

"Olivia Coleman's the queen now.

"I don't think it will be back any time soon. I don't know, maybe when we're all old and grey and in our bath chairs, we'll investigate one last murder."

You, Me and Him hits UK cinemas on April 12, 2018.