An advert for Derren Brown's new ride at Thorpe Park has been banned from prime-time TV for being "too scary".

The trailer for illusionist Brown's Ghost Train was due to be aired between 6pm and 7pm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

But Clearcast - who monitor ads before they are broadcast - ruled it could not be aired before the 9pm watershed as it contains "scenes of threat or horror".

The 15-second promo clip, which has already been viewed over 1,000 times, asks viewers to count how many white bunnies are on a train track.

A demonic monster then pops up on the screen.

After seeing it on social media several people turned to Twitter to express their shock at the advert - ‏@Gabbb3h said: "I JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK."

While ‏@HBD_Real_Nimrod said: "Imma just go and cry in a corner and never look at bunnies. Cool. (It's 19 btw)."

And ‏@mollie_mulheran said: "that actually made me jump lol."

Do you think the ad is scary? See for yourself below:

Warning: Might scare you!