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Music festival organisers cut Sunday line-up over poor sales

Honeyblood and Be Charlotte were set to headline Leith's EH6 Festival on December 1.

By STV News

Published 12 Nov 2019.

Organisers of a music festival have cancelled its Sunday line-up after selling just 22 tickets.

Honeyblood and Be Charlotte were set to headline Leith's EH6 Festival at the Biscuit Factory on December 1 but "extremely poor ticket sales" have led to its cancellation.

Instead a free-entry show will be on in its place, without the two acts, to make sure there is an event for music fans who had booked accommodation for the weekend.

The event on Saturday, November 30, will run as scheduled with The View frontman Kyle Falconer topping the bill.

A statement from EH6 Festival said: "The difficult decision was taken to completely cancel the Sunday of EH6 due to extremely poor ticket sales (we had only sold 22 Sunday tickets which was simply unsustainable for a non-profit event).

"Being aware that there were several people who had booked weekend accommodation, we set about arranging a free-entry replacement event, which wouldn't incur high costs to put on.

"This event is completely separate to the EH6 Festival (in a smaller venue) and in hindsight we shouldn't have promoted it on the same poster as the existing festival, which is now only running on Saturday, November 30.

"We apologise for any confusion caused and hope to see you at the end of November.

"We accept full responsibility for being so late in organising, which ultimately led to poor sales and we do hope that you will let us make it up to you both this year and during following events."

Be Charlotte has been critical of how the situation has been handled and said in a social media post she feels "disrespected".

She said: "We were told the whole Sunday event of EH6 Festival had been cancelled and now I've had to read online that they've removed me and three other bands from the bill and just continued on.

"I was prepared to share a statement that supported the festival but after that I am absolutely not. You don't pick two female headliners and then just bin them because tickets haven't sold out immediately. This is completely out of order.

"I feel disrespected. I was prepared to give you my biggest show yet on Dec 1st but I'm gonna keep that for a show that is on my own terms."

She continued: "Nothing happens over night, I know that more than most. It takes a lot of hard work, passion and dedication and I don't want to be involved with anything that believes any less.

"These moments that challenge us make us stronger than ever."

Responding to Be Charlotte's comments, the organisers said the reasons were "purely financial" and not personal.