Human bones have been washed onto a street after a graveyard flooded.

Torrential rain flooded Largo and Newburn Parish Church in Fife, causing its boundary wall to collapse.

Graves were damaged after earth moved due to the water, causing human bones to spill out onto the road.

Fife Council officers were called to recover the remains before storing them back in the church grounds.

Liz Murphy, head of bereavement services at Fife Council, said: "Unfortunately, some historic graves were disturbed and exposed.

"In order to preserve the dignity of the deceased, where safe, the remains have been moved into the church.

"Any exposed ancient lairs are covered until it is safe to restore or rebury them."

On the same day, the downpour flooded the West Coast main line between England and Scotland - trapping five trains.

In Forfar, the town's West High Street was closed after it became submerged in water.

A landslide also brought traffic to a standstill on the A7 near Skippers Bridge.