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Rocks hurled through Ruth Davidson's office windows

A man has been arrested after the incident at the Scottish Tory leader's Edinburgh base.

By STV News

Published 22 Nov 2018.

A man has been arrested after rocks were thrown through Ruth Davidson's constituency office windows.

The incident happened around 11.40am at the Scottish Tory leader's office building on Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh.

STV understands a man was carrying the rocks in a bag before throwing them at four office windows and then demanding to be let into the property.

Ms Davidson was not in the building at the time but two staff members were present.

They were left shaken but unhurt.

A Scottish Conservatives spokesman said: "We can confirm an incident took place at the Edinburgh constituency office this morning.

"Police were called and attended almost immediately.

"The two staff members are shaken but not physically hurt.

"We thank the police for dealing with this incident so quickly and effectively."