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Hero bus driver's training kicked in as she avoided car

Charmaine Laurie said 'luck' was involved as she swerved to avoid a crash in Edinburgh.

By STV News

Published 02 Mar 2018.

A bus driver has told how she managed to avoid disaster on a snowy Edinburgh road.

The moment Charmaine Laurie's double-decker bus skidded as it swerved out the way of a car which turned in front of her was captured in dashcam footage.

The near-miss, filmed as the "beast from the east" weather system battered Scotland with snow, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

Many have praised her quick-thinking in avoiding a crash with the Mini and the car which filmed the incident.

Ms Laurie said "a lot of luck" was involved after her training kicked in.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on STV, the Lothian Buses driver said she had only seen the car at the last second.

She said: "I was just coming up over the hill and the visibility was quite poor so I was going quite slow.

"I just saw the car do a U-turn. I really didn't have much time to react to it.

"My training just kind of kicked in and a lot of luck to be honest with you.

"When my back end started going out I knew to take my foot off the brake and just tried to glide through it.

"Luckily it went well."

Ms Laurie thanked those who had trained her saying: "We do get really well prepared and well trained.

"They all do a great job, right from the top of the company to the bottom, from the control team, the guys out on the street who make sure the buses keep running, the guys around the desk.

"It's a full team effort really."

One of the passengers on board the bus later told her "well done".

When she got home, Ms Laurie's husband asked her if she had seen the video of the near miss on social media, not realising she had been driving the vehicle.