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Customer wields axe after being denied a bottle of Buckfast

Sean McLoughlin was jailed for 16 months after threatening an Edinburgh shopkeeper.

By STV News

Published 29 Feb 2016.

A man brandished an axe and threatened a shopkeeper after being told there was no Buckfast for sale on the premises.

Sean McLoughlin, 23, who is already serving time for a previous assault at Saughton Prison, was sentenced to 16 months.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how Mr McLoughlin became enraged with shopkeeper Ruari Campbell for not stocking Buckfast before walking around the service counter and stealing a bottle of vodka.

When Mr Campbell attempted to prevent him from leaving the store, McLoughlin pulled an axe from his sleeve and smashed bottles from behind the counter.

He then proceeded to consume the vodka a short distance away where he was later apprehended by police, making no attempt at an escape.

Defence solicitor Stephen Knowles said his client suffered from depression and had alcohol problems. He had been drinking for two days before the attack.

Sheriff Beckett told McLoughlin: "The court cannot tolerate people working in shops, providing services for the public, being subjected to behaviour likely to be intimidating and frightening indeed".

Mr McLoughlin's two-year sentence was reduced to 16 months for a guilty plea and has been backdated to December 1.